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The Petropavlovsk Foundation for Socially-Oriented Projects and Programmes Support was established in 2010 by Pavel Alexeyevich Maslovskiy, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC MC Petropavlovsk.

The Petropavlovsk Group has been active in the Far East of Russia for sixteen years, and has developed numerous advanced metallurgical production facilities from the green field stage. For all of these years, the activities of the Group have promoted the industrial, economic, and social development of the Far East regions. At the same time, being one of the largest companies in the region, the Petropavlovsk Group has been pursuing an active social policy, helping to expand the infrastructure necessary for dignified life in the region. Many of its projects and ventures were created, so to speak, from grassroots beginnings.

Even in its early days, the Company was carrying out large programs, implementing on its own a number of socially-oriented projects and programmes in the spheres of education, health care, social welfare, and culture. It was then that the employees of the Company prepared, on their own, a unique book called Great Infrastructure Projects of Russia, and provided direct assistance to educational, medical, and cultural institutions of the region. The scale of socially-important activities of the Company was constantly expanding; more and more new objectives were added to its plans. This required a new special structure, which would allow an association with the Petropavlovsk Group, but would work concurrently outside of the Company, and which would allow much more freedom in making decisions on social projects and their implementation. Consequently, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC MC Petropavlovsk, Mr. Pavel Alexeyevich Maslovskiy, made a decision to establish the Foundation for Socially-Oriented Projects and Programmes Support, with the name of Petropavlovsk.

The first year of the Petropavlovsk Foundations work has been completed.

In 2010 our activities were focused primarily in the Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous Region, where the key enterprises of the Group operate. The Foundation is expanding its activities to new smaller settlements, where its assistance is especially needed. So soon, new objects will be seen on the map of our activities.

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